Edge House

The Edge House is about pushing design and structure to the edge of its limits. These innovations create a very liveable home tailored to suit extended family gatherings.

We used 60% recycled content concrete on this job in support of our sustainability aims. The
house, swimming pool and domestic hot water are all heated by a solar hydronic heating system.
An array of evacuated glass tubes of the roof collects solar energy and connects to heat exchange tanks which pass heated water through the concrete structure via pipes set into the slabs.

The trusses over the main living area span 9m and were factory built and craned into place with
their structural ply linings. The swimming pool is an off-form concrete, cantilevered pool featuring glazed panels. All wet area walls are finished with acrylic render instead of tiles. Large hardwood sliding doors run frameless on minimal tracks. All features had zero tolerance for error.